Hangzhou AODI Electronic Control Co.,Ltd, is a leading high-tech enterprise for the new energy electric vehicles. As the supporting member of National Innovation Fund, we are committed to manufacture the stable quality, high efficiency electronic products.

Up to now, we have 7 series products, including the air-cooled on board battery chargers, water-cooled on board battery chargers,DC/DC converter,integrated air-cooled charging system, integrated water-cooled charging system, Battery management system(BMS), APP intelligent data terminal charging system and so on. We are the first high-tech enterprise with APP intelligent data terminal charging system in China.

In 2015, we built Product Innovation Management System (SPIM) and Product Control Management System to improve the quality and decrease the low maintenance ratio to achieve the OPPM quality goal through introducing the automated testing equipment and production lines under the strict procedures and operational control guidance. 

Now we have the capability to produce 50000 units chargers and DC/DC converters per month. “Quality awareness” are always in AODI people’s mind, it is our principle to keep in accordance with and carry out the TS16949 management system.

To expand the export business, we have succeeded in developing the battery chargers to apply into the electric drive vehicles and industrial equipment,e.g Aerial work platforms, Golf carts, Cleaning equipment.


Adhere to our values "to create more value
for customers"

Aodi will maintain openness, cooperation, win-win philosophy, business cooperation as the core, supported by technical cooperation and human resources, and cooperate with partners to create vibrant ecology.



People first, Service first

Aodi Electronic Control is willing to provide customers with the high quality and professional service.

Services First reflects the business purposes of Aodi, which is also the staff work for. As the leading car-charger manufacturer, Aodi provides customers with the high standard of products and quality services to customers in order to meet the needs of various industries. We are committed to meet the expectations of our customers, and work on the products and services to build up brand trust. Meanwhile we will maintain effective communication with customers, which is the key to became partners with our customers.


Aodi charging control mobile APP is based on mobile Internet, and the big data of vehicle internet services platform based on cloud computing, and integrates sensor technologies, data processing technology, network technology, communication technology, automatic control technology, information technology on the smart terminals, to realize the purpose of remote data delivery, search, and data analysis.

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